Products and Services


1. Waste Water Treatment

Waste water treatment systems operated as activated sludge process. Including biological removal of N and P, mechanical pre-cleaning and dewatering of surplus sludge.

2. Recycling Water

Equipment for filtration and disinfection of the discharge flow from waste water treatment systems as basis for the utilization of the water for irrigation, process cooling etc. 

Activated Sludge Basin:

Discharge of treated waste water:


The services to our customer start with providing of basic information to consultants as basis for feasibility studies about upcoming projects and end up with the after sales service for completed and commissioned projects.

Our services will enable our customer to realize their projects in an efficient manner. The application of equipment from well-known manufacturer only and the skills of our involved staff will ensure perfect quality and performance of the systems.

Our facilities in Taufkirchen/Germany and Beijing/ P.R.China will ensure a direct and close service to our customer.

Our warehouse: